Information & Resources for Planting and Growing

If you have questions about how to plant and care for your flower bulbs, trees, shrubs, berries, or fruit trees, we’d like to help. Check out the links below and contact us if you still need more guidance.

A comprehensive guide for planting and caring for bare root stock.

Through UNH Extension, volunteers will connect you with UNH experts to answer questions pertaining to lawn and garden care. Call 1-877-EXT-GROW (398-4769) or email

This site has lots of straight forward information about planting bulbs, from planning your garden to caring for them.

Have a question for a local Master Gardener? Get in touch with them here.

If you are growing blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries, check this page out. It has links to articles and fact sheets, from the basics to troubleshooting pests, and more.

A collection of articles and fact sheets for fruit trees, as well as event announcements, such as tree pruning workshops.

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