Fence post pounder and fence stretcher

A hydraulic fence post pounder and a fence stretcher are available to rent for conservation projects, for example, installing fencing to keep animals out of riparian areas, or for implementing a prescribed grazing plan. The fence post pounder is not practical for all situations; dry rocky soils, large posts, and insufficient hydraulic power can be limitations. Chat with us to find out more if you are interested in renting these items.



Model: Kencove HD8

Handles posts up to: 10 ft tall and 7 1/8 inches in diameter.

Tractor attachment: 3-point hitch

Tractor requirements: Needs hydraulic power of at least 3-4 GPM at 1500 psi

The operator’s manual is online here: http://images.kencove.com/documentation/Shaver_PDSHD8_8H_Manual.pdf


Rental rates

Fence post pounder: $30 per day, $1 per post

Fence stretcher: Free with post pounder, or $20 per day


Click here to download the rental agreement