Plant Sales

The 2019 Spring Plant Sale is over. We are always encouraging suggestions for what you would like to see in next year’s plant sale. Use this form to submit suggestions. 

If you’re interested in seeing what plants we originally had available, you can check out the catalog below. 

View the catalog:


About the plant sale: The spring plant sale is a Conservation District tradition. The purpose is to offer local residents with high quality but low cost plants that have conservation benefits, and are difficult to find from retail sources. We don’t grow the plants ourselves. We buy young wholesale stock trees and shrubs, so the plants might be smaller than what you would typically find at a store, but they are high quality with good survival rates. Your payment covers the wholesale price of the plant, plus shipping and the other costs associated with the plant sale. You are welcome to tell us what plants you would like to see in next year’s sale!

Jack in the pulpit
Eastern redbud
Pin oak