Funding Opportunities

SCCD has access to private, state and federal grants. We are always looking for new project ideas.

If you are a farmer or a landowner, and you want to do a conservation project, large or small, get in touch to see if we can help find financial support.

Right now we are looking for landowners willing to do projects like:

  • Planting a cover crop on a silage corn, sweet corn, or veggie field.
  • Trying innovative pasture and grazing techniques to improve soil health and forage quality.
  • Improving wildlife habitat for New England cottontails, turtles, native pollinators, and more.
  • Trying out new roller crimper corn planters for no-till corn fields.
  • Planting warm season grasses and woody plants on agricultural fields that aren’t performing very well.
  • Other ideas are welcome- if it benefits soil, water, or wildlife, we’re willing to try to make it work!