What We Do

 The Conservation District offers many services to the residents of Strafford County, most at no cost:

  • Soil Potential Index calculations, for current use tax assessments.
  • Access to unique historic aerial photos of Strafford County.
  • Low-cost specialty farm equipment rentals: We have farm equipment available that can help to improve soil health and productivity, while reducing nutrient runoff. There is a small rental fee to cover equipment maintenance costs.
  • Technical assistance for soil health, nutrient management, water quality, wildlife habitat, and more. SCCD staff can provide guidance on many natural resources issues ranging from agricultural to ecological, and help you find financial assistance opportunities to implement conservation practices.
  • Grant research and implementation for local conservation projects. SCCD is always exploring new opportunities to implement conservation projects such as creating habitat for threatened wildlife, protecting clean water, stabilizing eroding soils, and more. We often work with other organizations like conservation commissions, schools, boy scout and girl scout troops, state and federal agencies, and others.
  • Stewardship of conservation easements. Thanks to partnerships between private landowners, other organizations, and SCCD, 1,800 acres of land in Strafford County will be protected from development forever.
  • Workshops, demonstrations, education and outreach. A part of our mission is to arm citizens with knowledge of conservation issues and opportunities so that together we can manage Strafford County’s natural resources wisely.

Who qualifies for services?

  • Residents of Strafford County
  • Units of government
  • Land owners & land users
  • Citizen groups & clubs

How can you receive services?

  • Contact us, this is a voluntary program.
  • Ask to be added to our mailing list.
  • Attend events and workshops.


Other Professional Services

For larger natural resources projects, SCCD’s professional rates are as follows:

District Manager: $50 per hour

Conservation Technician: $50 per hour