August 23: Soil Health and Agriculture

Celebrate local agriculture with the Conservation District! Our 2017 Annual Meeting will feature presentations on the latest research, advancements, and opportunities relating to agriculture and soil health in New Hampshire.

The event will be at Brandmoore Farm on the Salmon Falls River in Rollinsford. There will be a potluck dinner with local rotisserie chicken provided by Vernon Family Farm.

Guest Speakers:

Nick Warren is a research scientist in the University of New Hampshire’s Agroecology Lab, headed by Dr. Richard Smith. The Agroecology lab studies a variety of topics including soil fauna, root morphology, forages, cover crops, silvopasture, and pesticide seed treatments. They are broadly interested in the ecology of our agricultural systems, and understanding the principles that could make our food systems more stable and productive in the long term.  Nick will give an overview of some of the recent and ongoing agricultural research at UNH.

Chad Cochrane is a Resource Conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service with extensive experience in agronomy and conservation. He works with farmers, NRCS staff, and partners like the Conservation Districts on a variety of projects. Chad will give a presentation on some of the new statewide projects and programs relating to soil health, including no-till corn planter demonstrations, cover crop seed mix trials, and more.

Whether you farm, garden, or have an interest in local agriculture and natural resources, we hope you will join us for this casual and informative event.

When: August 23rd, 5 to 7 pm

Where: Brandmoore Farm, 70 Sligo Road, Rollinsford NH