Try no-till corn planting in 2019, we’ll help

We are offering two opportunities for farmers who want to try eliminating tillage from their corn or squash crop fields.

  • Farmers can borrow a no-till corn planter equipped with roller crimpers to help terminate cover crops.
  • Farmers can apply for funding to retrofit their existing corn planter to work in a no-till system.

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Reducing tillage or eliminating it from your regime can improve your soil’s structure and stability, water infiltration and water-holding capacity, organic matter content, temperature, moisture, and beneficial micro-organisms, and reduce compaction, runoff, erosion, ponding, and other issues.

It can be hard to change the way you farm, and expensive to buy new equipment, which is why we can provide farmers with technical and financial assistance to try out no-till practices.

Pairing no-till with cover crops provides even more soil health benefits. But, the cover crop presents a challenge when its time for spring planting. You can borrow a special no-till roller crimper corn planter for planting corn directly into your cover crop. The roller crimper, usually with the help of herbicide, terminates the cover crop and creates a weed-blocking, moisture-retaining mat. Once you’ve decided to go no-till for good, we might be able to provide you with funding to modify your own corn planter.