New opportunities for vegetable farmers

We are happy to announce that we are collaborating with other Conservation Districts across the state to provide a series of workshops and equipment demonstrations, as well as a new equipment lending program, to help vegetable producers try out no-till practices!

Reducing tillage is excellent for soil health. Less tillage means better soil structure, better water storage capacity, more organic matter, and happy beneficial microorganisms. But, for many farmers, there are obstacles to reducing tillage. How do you deal with weeds? How do you incorporate soil supplements? How do you terminate a cover crop? These issues can be especially problematic for vegetable producers that prefer to use little to no pesticides and herbicides. If that sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

This project will include:

  • A winter workshop for farmers to learn about how and why to go no-till, how to troubleshoot common issues, and what equipment to use
  • A spring on-farm demonstration using a no-till vegetable transplanter and roller crimper for terminating cover crops
  • A spring on-farm demonstration using a BCS (walk-behind tractor) with various attachments to show some of the equipment options available to small-scale vegetable farmers
  • Rental opportunities so that vegetable farmers can try out no-till transplanters, roller crimpers, and BCS tractors with attachments on their own farm
  • Local demonstrations of no-till vegetable plots

Interested? Please let us know! You can contact Alena Warren at the Strafford County Conservation District at, or 603.749.3037 and visit to read about this and other opportunities for farmers.